video recording in quicktime (with description of contributions)

video recording [4hrs] part 1 [96mb] part 2 [234mb] - ogg theora, play with VLC player

archive of the source materials used during the webcast

San Francisco: 6 am
Chicago: 8 am
New York: 9 am
Sao Paolo: 10 am
London: 2 pm
Amsterdam: 3pm
Beirut: 4 pm

Moscow: 5 pm
Delhi: 6.30 pm
Bejing: 9 pm
Tokyo: 10 pm
Sydney: 11 pm
Wellington: 1 pm

video recording of the webcast in quicktime format:

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part #1 (53 minutes/79mb):

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- welcome from the studio at Waag Society in Amsterdam
- Hamra Street animated by Carlyn Mens, Vitto Valentinov & Ghassan Halwani
- live performance by the palestinian rap group Wlaad el 7ara from Nazareth
- live phone converstaion with Tarek Atoui from cafe de pargue in Hamra, beirut
- live phone conversation with Ghassan Salhab (film maker Beirut)
- dead time by Ghassan Salhab
- From Beirut ... ... to those who love us produced by Beirut DC and Samidoun
- live phone converstaion with Eliane Raheb
- audience feedback (Arjan Al Fassed)

part #2 (62 minutes/96mb):

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- mazen kerbaj: starry night, pre recorded interview (partial), live interview
- live dj-set by Walid el-Solh
- bi beirut, poem by mysterious eve
- interview with Karim Knio, Chalaan Charif and Raed Yassin (english/araabic)
- raed yassin introducing a quintet recorded one week before - streamed live from cafe de prague


part #3 (57 minutes/84mb):

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- ', Beirut' video by Raed Yassin
- live improvised music from cafe de pargue in beirut
- jaromil on feedback from the irc channel #nida
- more improvised music from cafe de prague, followed by some technical confusion
- Public Service Announcement by Electronic Lebanon with a live introduction by Arjan al Fazed.
- live dj-set by Walid el-Solh
- live from beirut (looking for a university professor gone missing while taking a leak in cafe de prague)
- interview with Sharif Sehnaoui about possibilities of artisic practice in beirut during the war and in the future
- Summer Drone (recorded music) by Charbel Haber
- interview with iraqi confused kid (iraqi blogger) live from amman

part #4 (56 minutes/83mb):

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'- killing an arab' video clip by Joe Hiscot
- live telephone interview with Joseph el-Ara from Beirut on the shifiting role of hezbullah in Lebanon.
- music + 'target equals' video by Melinda Rackham
- live telephone interview with Ali Hazza (iraqi blogger) in bagdad
- musical improvisation by tarek atoui streamed live from cafe de pargue in beirut
- live telephone interview with Anna Trechsel from Damascus on the impact of the Lebanon War in Damascus.
- live music from cafe de prague in beirut
- excerpt from a pre-recorded interview with sonya knox (media activist) based in beirut.
- live telephone interview with Rasha Salti from Beirut on the citizens resistance campaign.
- closing remarks, thanks by nat muller, cecile landman, jaromil, geert lovink & jo van der spek